Selasa, 05 November 2013

How to prevent oily skin

Oily skin has become one of the classic problems faced by many in all walks of life ranging from the young to the elderly of the adults and also children and men as well as women . One of the things that is very easy to cope with oily skin is a facial treatment at a salon but it requires no small cost .

- Regular Face Wash

Wash your face at least twice a day with a face wash soap . Surely a special face wash soap to remove the oil on the face , and of course that should suit your skin .

- Make up right

Choose beauty products devoted to oily skin . This can be seen in the ads . But how much better you consult a dermatologist so that appropriate treatment .

- Use a scrub or mask

A minimum of one time a week should you smear your face with a scrub , mask , or peeling . You must be smart to choose products according to skin sensitivity , Atua if you want natural treatments , using natural ingredients such as fruits to mask over the face .

- Wash your face Diligent

Choose soap face wash for oily face . Then do not be lazy to wash the face with soap twice a day .

- Use Sunscreen

Excessive wear sunscreen can make the face look greasy . So limit the use of sunscreen if going out of the house enough .

Some easy tips to overcome the information above regarding oily skin above hopefully can help you to get healthy skin , clean and soft , which is free from disease and oil are also stubborn . Hopefully one of these easy tips can help you .

Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

How to Care For Healthy Skin

How to Care For Healthy Skin
How to Care For Healthy Skin

Having a healthy and bright skin is the dream of all women in all corners of the world and not to mention you are not ? Have beautiful skin , beautiful and gentle of course require a lot of sacrifices that have to be given to your skin from skin care routine care would require a lot of expenses , but they do not become a barrier for those who want to get a good skin .

Skin health is determined by how much the factors that influence it and this time we will give some tips on how to provide all the necessities needed by the skin on a daily basis in order to get healthy and glowing skin .

1 . moisturizer

Perform routine maintenance twice a day to make skin look healthy , free of blemishes and soften your skin . Do not be lazy applying cream at night before bed so that the skin can regenerate properly while you sleep .

2 . water

Do you know if the water is one of the nutrients that are so good for our skin to the health of our skin . Water can remove toxins from the body and allows the cells to absorb essential nutrients from food . Water also ensures that the digestive system works well . And skin needs water to stay hydrated .

3 . antioxidants

The next skin health tips are antioxidants that can be found in fruits , vegetables , fish and oil . Antioxidants can fight free radicals , molecules that damage healthy cells . Have you been taking vitamin C and E ? Vitamin C helps build collagen to the skin . Vitamin E protects cell membranes .

4 . sunscreen

It also greatly affect the health of our skin and sunscreen not only protects you from skin cancer , but also delay the signs of aging caused by sun exposure . Use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 and apply 20 minutes before you leave the house .

Naturally healthy skin tips above are very easy to do if you really want to get healthy skin . Skin health you desire will be achieved if the skin care and also of course thanks to the above skin health tips you can apply .